Ten Simple Landscaping Ideas That Give Maximum Impact

simple Landscaping ideas and tips

Most people, when thinking about landscaping their yard, do not want to get into complex plans. Not only do they not have the skills to implement an overly complex landscaping plan, but they worry about the effort and skill that it would take to maintain the complicated landscaping.

If you feel the same way, then those are valid concerns. However, simply because you do not want to have a landscaping plan that is overly complicated, does not mean that you cannot achieve the same amount of visual interest that a complicated landscaping plan would achieve by implementing simple landscaping ideas which have big impact.

Here are 10 specific simple landscaping ideas that you can use in your very own yard to get the most impressive result possible while still maintaining utter simplicity in both the original implementation and maintenance of these landscaping plans.

1 – Plant large swaths of the same plant or flower to provide a bold point of visual interest. Any interior design, one of the main tenets is that a repeated pattern of small objects creates an overall big impact when looked at as a whole. The same is true for landscaping. One small plant may not create much of a visual impact, but when you plant 10 of the exact same plant in a row, the visual impact of all of them taken together amounts to much more than any one of them would have when standing alone.

Landscaped Yard

2 – Invest in mature trees rather than saplings to give the full effect of a completely landscaped yard up front. You don’t want to have to wait 20 years for the full visual impact of your yard to come to fruition, do you? Of course not! Although full-grown trees are a bit more expensive than their younger counterparts, the visual impact of fully matured trees in the yard absolutely cannot be overstated. They are worth every single penny that you invest in.

3 – Take advantage of multi-use plants and trees to make the most out of limited space. Whether the plant is a strawberry bush that grows fruit as well as provides decoration or a laminar apple tree that does the same thing, plants and trees which serve multiple uses are great things to include in a smaller yard space.


4 – Plant trees and plants that have starkly contrasting colors right next to each other to create a visual pop. Much like planting many of the same type of plant in a row will increase visual impact, planting starkly contrasting plants right next to each other will also draw the eye and make for the maximum impact possible.

5 – Make sure that all of the plants and trees that you choose are regularly maintained. Neatness and order is the most simple landscaping ideas to make even the most basic of landscaping stand out visually.

6 – Use beautiful hardscapes such as gorgeous paving stones or colorful pebbles to enhance the beauty of the natural materials that you choose. Remember, the living things in your backyard do not need to be the only source of color and beauty. Every single thing that you put in your landscaping plan can be a source of visual impact and loveliness.

Landscaping Plan

7 – Choose plants and trees which are not native to the geographic area in order to make your yard stand out from the yards of your neighbors. When you create your landscape plan, you don’t want it to be exactly like every single yard that surrounds you, right? If you did, then the project would be as simple as merely copying the design that all of your neighbors have implemented. Rather, by including plants which are exotic to your geographic location, you can stand out from all of the other houses that surround yours with a stunning landscape plan.

Landscaping Design

8 – Make use of interesting geometric shapes and lines when creating planter boxes, paths that cut through foliage, or when doing the overall space planning for your landscape design. Whether it is a repeating geographic pattern like a diamond, or an unexpected shape like a curved retaining wall rather than one that runs straight and direct, the use of interesting shapes and lines can be one of the most effective techniques in creating interest in a landscaping plan.

One of the best things about this particular idea is that it does not necessarily even need to cost any more — unlike, for instance, the idea of planting mature trees rather than saplings, this idea only pertains to how you arrange the plant that you purchase, not which plants those are.

Tree And Shrubs

9 – When choosing the types of trees and shrubs you will plant in your yard, don’t stick with basic green! Flowers don’t have to be the only colorful thing you plant as part of your landscaping strategy. Think about this — what would be more likely to draw the eye, a plain green tree, or one that turned fiery red and yellow during the fall? The same question goes for any shrubs, trees, plants, or flowers that you plant. Think in terms of color and how much visual impact they will have at all the various times of year.

10 – Mix containers with plants inside them into your in-ground plants for additional visual interest, as well as adding varying levels and textures into the mix. This is one of the most flexible ideas that you can implement, because containers come in all different sizes, shapes, height, and colors. In fact, you could create a stunning backyard landscape design solely from creating a beautiful container garden around your entire back fence. The maintenance would be a breeze!

By putting even a few of these ten simple and easy landscaping ideas to work in your own yard, you can achieve a stunning visual impact that gives amazing curb appeal, and all within a range of complexity that is well within your reach!